A New Hobby : RC Heli

After much deliberation, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge for something that’s been missing from my life so far. A RC hobby. I’ve always wanted a RC toy, specifically a RC car or a plane. Car looks a bit too monotonous, airplane too advanced and requires much more money, practice and technical skills. In the end, I’ve decided on a RC-heli.

Was advised by DrLiew to get a Lama V3 or V4 Coaxial. Coaxial RC heli apparently is the best way to pick up the skills and knowledge needed before venturing into more complex helicopter. Went to a local hobby shop only to find they didn’t stock the Lama series at all.

Oh great, thought I would just go straight to the Blade 400 I’ve been eyeing, against advice from DrLiew.  Had a chat with the salesperson, John, he kindly advised me against getting a Collective Pitch as the first heli too and recommended the newly released Fixed Pitch Electric Heli – the Blade 120SR.

He demonstrated it to me in the helicopter shop. Looks pretty impressive and easy. I thought I could do that. Had a quick check at the price of the spare parts and I made up my mind on it, as I’ve been told and read that the availability and affordability of spare parts couldn’t be more important, as heli crashes is a CONSTANT for all those who started flying RC heli. Thus, a little bit of damage to the heli and the pocket is expected.

Blade 120 SR for AUD 260.00 + another LiPo 3.7V 500mAh 12C battery

Had been flying it for a week now.