1100 mAh, Should I or Should I not?

The 900mAh T3 replacement battery which I bought more than six months ago seem to be unable to churn out enough juice lately. I came across and installed a freeware named BatteryGraph roughly 3 months ago when I noticed the operating duration of my Palm T3 seem to have deteriorated. For I do not have any prior data to compare to, I wondered whether it is just me or the battery had lost part of its juice. Current operating duration according to BatteryGraph is around 3 hours max with normal use :playing games, medical softwares,no music or movie though.

I wonder whether this is normal for the battery I had.Can anyone with experience with T3 help me out?

Currently considering to buy another battery , a Cameron Sino 1100 mAh. Hmm….would set me back RM120.

Update on T3

I recently purchased a 1GB High speed Toshiba SD card for my Tungsten T3 off E-bay.Cost me around AUD 43 including postage.Those who have queries regarding whether the speed of the media would influence the speed you access the programmes on T3,I would say the effect is negligible for that speed is heavily dependent on your T3 processor speed rather than the card speed. I have run some tests myself using PXA Clocker to alter the T3 clock speed and VFS Mark to check the speed running the storage media. What I found was the clock speed is proportional to the VFS Mark score. Thus,the higher the clock speed, the higher the VFS Mark Score.

Please be careful when clocking your T3 and running the VFS Mark test for I don’t have any idea what’s the highest speed you can clock before anything untowards happen to your T3.I did run some VFS Mark tests at 600 MHz then setting them back to lower speed.I could not guanrantee what would happen if you run your T3 consistently at high speed except that it would drain your battery quicker. VFS Mark tests have some documented problems of frying your storage media.Be aware of that before you proceed.

Over the past few months,I have added things here and there to my T3.Here’s a list of programmes which I thought would be useful for all T3 users across the board

  1. PXA Clocker
  2. FileZ
  3. SingleButton

PXA clocker is a programme that could alter the clock speed of your T3. It has the advantage of running certain programmes at certain clock speed you specified.Theoritically that would give you a longer battery life for you won’t need to be running certain programmes at the default 400 MHz.What I did was to set the sustem clock speed to 300 MHz,and run power hungry programmes like Doc-to-go at 472 Mhz. You can always set those programmes like Calendar,Contacts and Clocks to 100 MHz but I think it would not make much of a difference because I don’t use them as often as I should.

FileZ is a Windows Explorer for palm except that you can’t launch programmes from there like you did from Windows.I use this to see what files and where I put them in my SD Card and T3.It allows you to delete programmes/files that you don’t want.That’s basically what I use it for.It has some complex function which I don’t really understand on how to use either.I guess those are for more advanced users

SingleButton I would say,is the most useful programmes I found.It allows you to access the programmes you use frequently easily with a press of a button.The original author of this programme doesn’t seem to host it anymore.I took some time googling and found a copy of it. I thought,for convenience sake I would just host it here. (Single Button Palm,right click and save link as) As it was originally written for PalmOS 3.0 I am not too sure whether there is a compatibility problem with PalmOS5 for it was said you were able to configure the button if you hold the button long enough. I got a (Sys0505) (0,746) error when I tried to do that. Is it just my palm or what? I do think there is an incompatibility problem. It took me quite sometimes to set the button ups and I only managed to set it up on one of my buttons because it seems to me,you can only access the configure menu once when you first set it up for EACH button.Trying to reconfigure it brought me to the error.I am still on the lookout for other launchers.For now,I would stick with the outdated Single Button for the simplicity of it.Moving on to its use,I use it on my Contacts button which I rarely use.I set it up in such a way ” A2ZDrugs,Dr. Drugs,OHCM6,Dorlands,Contacts.”If I want to access OHCM6 for e.g. I would unlock the PDA and press the contacts button for rather brief moment till it scrolls down automatically to OHCM6 and then I release it.The scrolling is a bit fast as the programme is originally built for that reason-speed,but not impossible to hit the right programmes at the right time.

Recently I had some problems with my stylus input. For some reasons,I can’t draw a straight line at times. The PDA read it as a multiple dot across the screen.I’d soft reset it and the T3 would froze forever at the logo screen until the battery run out. In the end,I’d put it down to the problem with the battery. Apparently,when I changed the battery not too long ago,the fine wires coming out from the battery got into the place where the stylus is kept. Thus,the fine wire might have been pulled and damaged by the stylus.It lent more credibility to my assumption when the problem resolved completely when I put it back to charge at the cradle. I reopened it and rearrange the wires and been going quite smoothly since. Of course,during the course of the day, the input problems would occur now and then but would resolve without me doing anything to it. The wires must have been really damaged.Would be more careful when I change a battery next time.

That’s all for now.