Site Update

Over the years, I have noted hosting your own WordPress does have its weakness. Getting hacked intermittently. I wonder whether it’s because of what I did or what I didn’t do to my setup.

I suspect they have gotten through via the SQL database itself, but this sorta knowledge is beyond me at this point. Some of the posts somehow got edited without the knowledge of the wordpress itself with injection of words and spam links.

Anyhow, did a bit of clean-up and updated the WP to the latest. With the boom of social medias, WP ways of writing are getting out-dated. Not sure how long to keep this website going for now.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. It will be a good one. A is going to cook me some dinner.

Till next time, arrivederci.

Random Rambling

I was just browsing through the news, when I read that the English princess, an ex actress used to keep a secret blog detailing her struggles in her acting career.

Then I remembered, having kept this blog in world wide web. I am not sure I am still getting any readers of this blog.

Anyhow, I proceeded to do a bit of cleanup and update. Fixing some of the codes here and there. For some reason, some guys on the internet love hacking my site for fun perhaps?

Updated the theme to the 2017 theme by WordPress. LOL. It’s already nearing the end of 2017 already.

Time flies.

Time really flies.

I was just cleaning up my blogroll, going through each of the links I have in my blogroll. Some of them have already been closed down. Many of them have not been updated for a while.

I was just browsing through them. Most of the posts came from when we were all still medical students.

In present time, most of us would have already made it to consultant level already.

As for me personally, I seem to be having this eternal struggle with passing my exams. Failed my theory 4 times. Failed my clinical exam 2 times already. It has been a struggle for sure. I am still a registrar where many of my friends and juniors are well under way if not already specialists in their own field.

2019 will mark a decade of me being a doctor.

Time flies.

Time really flies.

Adios for now.