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Canon Launches Powershot S5 IS

Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 07 May, 2007: Canon today announces the launch of the 12x optical zoom, 8.0 Megapixel PowerShot S5 IS. The new compact inherits optical Image Stabilizer (IS) technology, professional-grade optics and extensive movie functions while introducing a host of new features designed to increase the photographer’s success rate.


This awesome baby is powered by Canon’s very own Digic III processor, with a 38mm-432mm zoom. The Canon S series was one of the camera I was looking at and has been following closely since I first wanted to own my own digital camera. I thought the 1/2.5″ sensor size is bit too small for its awesome zoom lense. Some said the sensor size doesn’t really matter much but it will be one of the factor I will consider with my next camera since my current Sony DSC-W1 has a slightly bigger sensor of 1/1.8″ I do think that a smaller sensor size would be a downgrade from my current W1. As one of my friend put it,if you ever think of getting a new camera,get a dSLR. With Nikon D80,a dSLR with a 18-132mm zoom retailing at RM4000+ and a Nikon D40,another dSLR with 18-55mm kits, priced at just under RM 2000, I might just give the S5 a pass. A large zoom is a plus,but not a must-have for me. Not that I want to take spy photos of others.

My Dad ‘s previous film-based Canon SLR had served him quite well, even without the zoom function,for a decade plus before the simple processor insides reached its service life. Thus, I would say,I can do without the large zoom. Just need a decent camera, most probably a dSLR with a hotshoe for external flash.

With that said, I guess it won’t be long before Canon EOS450D is released. It will be interesting to see how Canon plan to package its EOS450D. The 400D didn’t actually take the market by storm as its predecessor 350D. Besides, the fact that both cameras running on Digic II despite the 400D being a new camera, did ,to a certain extent, persuade me to hold onto my cash for the moment.

With all that said, my birthday had yet to arrive this year. Yea, this is a big shamelesss hint to all my friends out there to start saving now. Hahaha…..


Happy Birthday Grace!!

While sorting out the thousands of photos I have taken in my laptop,I came across this.

This photograph was taken nearing 3 years ago now during,M1/04 orientation. This picture tells a thousand words. As you guys can see,while Grace was happily posing there for my camera,unknown to her,Dan was approaching her with a sinister intention and a right hand full of “ammos.” The aftermath?I shall let you guys to your imagination.Hehe……Maybe I should have warned her then rather than buy time for Dan.Muahahaha……….

Anyway,my camera was not able to cycle fast enough for the aftermath but I am pretty sure you guys know what happen next.

Happy Birthday,Grace.Best wishes.

Say Cheeseeeee!

Here’s what I wanted for my birthday…….

Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi
Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi

Too much?Ok…ok..I compromise a bit.How about this?I don’t mind this…

Canon Powershot S3 IS
Canon Powershot S3 IS


12X zoom,can zoom in on leng luis from far far.Geng mou?I kinda like this camera better. If I ever got some cash to spare, it would suit my pocket and needs just fine as compared to the dSLR Canon EOS 400D, cost more with basic lens kit.

No,I am still using my Sony DSC W-1,the kinda camera where some people would go “Ewwwww…..” with its look. However that doesn’t matter much to me, I still like it because it does its job quite well. I have to admit I had some reservations when I first bought it since the camera of my choice then was the Canon A85. How did I end up with a Sony camera which I am not really a fan of because of its pricey memory stick? Long story,to cut it short, it was the 1 year monthly installments offer then that caught my Dad’s attention. After that,it was history.

Last I checked, the total number of exposures(shots taken) was at 3600+ mark. Considering that I bought it in early 2005,that was quite a big number I thought. Of course, during the years, the camera has accumulated a lot of wears and tears but it is still working well nevertheless except for a few problems that I might probably want to sort out with the Sony Service Centre when I return in December.Firstly,it would be the rotating mode dial which has gotten rather erratic after a year of use,and secondly would be the battery storage cover which has broken after I dropped it on the way back from Gold Coast back in July. Hopefully, those would not cost too much to replace if they are not covered under warranty.
Just some filler post to write something down………