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Anesthetic words of wisdoms

Thanks to Jellio I went looking for the book “How to survive in anaesthesia: A guide for trainees” by Neville Robinson and George Hall. Just a couple to add to her list 🙂

Never start ananaesthetic until youhave seen the whites of the surgeon’s eyes.

Always pee before starting a list.

If you are feeling tired the three ‘S’s’ is a good reviver – a shit, a shave and a shower (politically incorrect but we do not know the female equivalent).

ABC of anaesthesia: always be cool, always be cocky!

Remember KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Anaesthesia is ‘awfully simple’ but when it goes wrong is ‘simply awful’.

If in doubt, ask for help. There is no place for arrogance in anaesthesia.

Big syringe, little syringe, white knob, blue knob, big purple knob – good for most things.

First rule of anaesthesia, if there is a chair in theatre, sit on it.

Never panic. This applies particularly when the patient is trying to die and you have no idea why.

Where there is cyanosis there is life – just!

If in doubt, take it out. This applies to tracheal tubes and many other things in life!

There are three things to respect in anaesthesia: the airway, the airway and the airway.

When all else fails, disconnect the catheter mount and blow down the tracheal tube.

Careless ‘torque’ costs lives – don’t let breathing tubes kink.

The laryngoscope is a tongue retractor, not a tooth extractor.

Nobody dies from failure to intubate the larynx, they die from failure to ventilate and oxygenate.

Fix tracheal tubes as if your life depended on it – the patient’s life does!

The first five causes of sudden hypoxia in an intubated, ventilated patientare the tube, the tube, the tube, the tube and finally the tube. The tracheal tube may be dislodged, disconnected, blocked, kinked or the cuff herniated.

‘Sniffing the morning air’ position for tracheal intubation can be described as the position of the head when taking the first sip from a pint of beer.

Never say to the patient ‘just a little prick’ before inserting a cannula, you are likely to be told that is exactly what you are!

Thiopentone solution can look like augmentin and antibiotics do not induce anaesthesia.

For a rapid sequence induction always have two doses of suxamethonium ready in case one goes over the floor/ceiling etc.

Be professional – try to emulate Humphrey Bogart’s definition of a professional as somebody who can still give their best performance when they feel least like it!


Chasing Beds(to the tune of Chasing Cars)

I will do it all
On my own

I just need
Just one bed
in I.C.U.

If he stays here,
If he just stays here,
He would die on me,
And his family’d ask.

I don’t quite know,
How to say,
Done my best.

Those three words,
Are said too much,
They’re not enough.

If he stays here,
He’d just suffer,
Do you have a bed?
I only need one bed.

Forgot what they’ve been told,
He’s gotten too old,
That’s my patient that,
Try clinging onto life.

Let’s waste time,
Chasing beds,
On the phones.

I need your grace,
And make some calls,
To find a bed,

If he stays here,
He’d just worsen,
Would he die on me,
And just forget the world.

Forgot what they’ve been told,
He’s gotten too old,
That’s my patient that,
Try clinging onto life.

All that I need,
All that I ever need,
Is a bed in ICU,
But there’s none I found.

I don’t know where,
Confused about how as well,
Just know that these things,
Will never change for us at all.

If he stays here,
If he does die here,
Who would stand by me,
And answer to the world?

Hehehe…..Inspired by working in the Emergency Dept where all the ED doctors were busy chasing beds to place patients.

Alright, too sleepy to edit. Might make some changes later.


John Stockton

To the uninitiated to the game of basketball, John Stockton is a retired NBA player.

A pure point guard in his game. A pass first, second and thid sorta mentality point guard. I think he’s a darn good shooter too but he chose to pass more. A pretty rare sight in NBA today.  Don’t think he has won a championship before, playing in Jordan’s golden era.

However, he’s the current record holder for Assists and Steals in NBA, leading the pack by a comfortable margin.

Interestingly, I found out that he was actually booed when he was first drafted by Utah Jazz. Fast forward 20 years, the team now has a statue of him commemorating his achievements.

I’ve been looking for stories to read about him on the net. He was such a media-shy guy. Silent worker type. Most probably an awesome teammate.


Bab 1

“Xiao, bangun! ”

Suara siapa ni?

“Oi Xiao! Bangun cepat. Dah nak pergi dah. Tak de masa lag. Boss kata nak jalan dah.”

Suara siapakah ini? Bagaikan aku pernah dengar malah kenal suara ini. Nadanya, intonasinya, betul-betul mencelarukan kepalaku. Sesungguh aku cuba kaitkan rupamuka dengan suara ini, namun bayang pun tak tergambar.

Di manakah aku sekarang?

“Oi,Xiao! Boss dah datang ni. Cepat bangun!”

Apa yang sedang aku buat ini?

Tiba-tiba, aku teringat. Semalam, bukan aku yang jalankan rondaan malam. Aku raba-raba mataku. Masih belumku sempat menyesuaikan mataku dengan keadaan sekelilingku, aku dibasahi air sejuk.

“Apa kau buat ni?! Nak tidur sampai bila?! Mangkuk betul!”

Segera aku bangun dan diri dalam keadaan sedia. Bagaikan refleks, aku tabik dan jawab, “Maaf Tuan!”

Sarjan Gopal hanya menggelengkan kepala sebelum berundur dari tempatku.

“Jangan cakap aku tak cuba bangunkan kau ini. Kau ini betul-betul tidur macam …ah tak pe la,” kata Sulaiman yang sudah sedia untuk bergerak bila-bila masa sekarang.

“Ya alah, Man. You ingat aku tak nak bangun ke? Tapi, aku betul betul dah lama tak tidur sebaik ini. Entah bila ada chance lagi lah,” aku jawabnya.

“Jangan aku tak bagi kau nasihat. Salah satu langkah sahaja di sini, kau boleh nyenyak selama-lamanya. Tapi baik kau ni jangan salah langkah, kau ini amat penting bagi kumpulan kita. Tapi jangan risau, kalau kau ni salah langkah, aku akan tikam kau sebelum kau ditikam. Hahaha…..”

“Eh, Man. Cakap kau tu langsung tak redakan gelisahku. Nanti aku tikam you balik, baru you tahu”

Aku teringat.

Tahun ini tahun 2020. Aku kini berada di tengah-tengah belantara hijau di Sarawak.

Aku jenguk ke langit. Pak Mentari tidak kelihatan. Awan-awan gelap yang garang bertiup ke mari. Nampaknya, hari sudah nak hujan.

“Oi Xiao. Jangan paksa aku jerit namakau lagi. Jom, dah nak jalan ini. Cepat.”

“Ya!” Cepat-cepat aku bergegas menghampiri Sulaiman dan ahli skuad yang lain.

Moga-moga hari ini akan lebih baik dari semalam.

To be continued….

Clinical Trial : Roti Telur


Date : July 23rd 2008
Time : 0115

Subject  :  Roti Telur

Result  :  Looks OK. Taste “too floury.” Not salty enough. Require more butter. Perhaps switching to margerine. Subject too thick comapred to previous clinical trials conducted by numerous Mamaks. Results are inferior compared to Mamaks’ in a asthetic and taste. (P<0.0001)

Discussion: More clinical trials need to be conducted to evaluate fitness for safe consumption by human.

Emi Fujita – Wishes

Wishes – Emi Fujita

I looked in the sky and there I saw a star shining so bright above
I closed my eyes and wished upon a star that I would find true love
Someone who needed me
Someone to share my life
For a love that would be true
I would wait forever
So no matter how long it may be
I will be waiting

One star-brighter than the others
Two hearts-beating for each other
I believe wishes really do come true

Love at first sight I knew it from the moment when you said hello
I hoped you felt it too, but we were both so shy-how was I to know
when you reached for my hand
I knew you were the one
We laughed and talked for hours like I’d known you forever
Like a dream or something from a book
True love has found me

One star-brighter than the others
Two hearts-beating for each other
Now I see wishes really do come true

You just have to dream
Nothing’s as bad as it seems to be believe me
Someone’s waiting for you to try
There in the sky

One star-brighter than the others
Two hearts-beating for each other
You will see wishes really do come true

You can’t stop believing-wishes do come true
You gotta believe me wishes do come true


Found this while blog-hopping. Very beautiful song.

“If you pray for patience…”

“If you pray for patience, do you think God will literally snap His finger and you will be filled with patience, or He will give you an opportunity to exercise patience?

 If you pray for love, do you really think God will just wave His hand and fill you with love, or He will present you with an opportunity to love?”

– God, Evan Almighty the movie –

I have actually never thought of that before. I think it is so true. What a valuable lesson to start with in 2008.