Holiday 2012 Part 1….

There was much I wanted to write about my recent break. It was short but it has been an enjoyable one.

Had my annual leave recently. It was a little bit disappointing because I have to use 2 weeks of my weeks off attending the DeltaMed course in Melbourne as part of preparation for the physician exam. Hopefully I will pass it comes next year.

So had roughly 3 weeks of actual holiday to spend this year. It was quite a rushed affair, I must say though it all turned out pretty well. I touched down in time to attend a secondary schoolmate’s wedding whom I haven’t seen for years. Glad he’s doing pretty well right now because, even back in secondary school, I thought he was someone who deserved a scholarship to further his tertiary study.

I made a short trip up to KL by bus to meet up with Aiesha, a friend whom I actually lost contact with since IMU years until recently, she contacted me with regards to medicine in Australia. It was rather impromptu to decide on catching up with her when I got back to Malaysia this time.

Took the trip up to KL by bus. It’s been a while since I last took a bus to KL. It was only then I learnt that the Pudu bus station was no longer operating. The new stop was at a station called the Tasik Selatan, which also incorporated the Star LRT, KTM Komuter and the Aerotrain to Sepang Airport. It looked akin to KL Sentral project, I must say. From there, it was just a short trip on KTM Komuter to MidValley, our rendezvous point. Even the KTM Komuter had been upgraded, now featuring a six carriages train rather than three. There had been some improvements in some aspect in Malaysia, I say.

Moving onto Aiesha, I must say I have some reservations on how it would pan out. I haven’t seen her for a long time. We didn’t really interact much back in the IMU years too. I messaged her on FB occasionally to say hi and all but nothing much. I’ve heard of the health issues that plagued her recently as well, confirmed with her but didn’t say much beyond that. Since I arrived a little bit early and she was going to take a nap after an overnight locum shift, I had some time to kill at the CoffeeBean and Tea Leaf while waiting for her. Not much has changed in MidValley since I last been there, probably 2 years ago now.

She arrived about an hour later than initially planned. Can’t blame her really, blame the hellish parking in MidValley. We headed to Chilis for an early dinner. Once our orders were taken, we started to borak-borak about everything and anything under the sun. Oh ya, I got her some KokoBlack chocolates I promised. She absolutely loved it. Of course, being hand-delivered all the way from Australia. Who wouldn’t?

Despite not being that close a friend back in the Uni years, we hit off instantly and surprisingly very well too. Possibly, both of us had been through some really harsh time. We talked about her chemotherapy and her struggles with malignancies at her age. We talked about our past relationships, even indulging her into my ASEAN scholarship rejection. We talked about religions. We talked about the IMU years. We talked about my life in Australia etc. etc. etc. Time flew past us without us realising. We literally sat down and chatted for nearing 6 hours. Quite an achievement I said. The people near our table must have wondered how a Cinapek looking guy got along so well with a Malay girl. It was indeed a heart warming chat. Unfortunately, both of us had our commitments so we had to part before long.

Leaving MidValley, I caught up with an another old friend from IMU, Charmaine, who unfortunately (or rather fortunately) couldn’t complete her medical study due to financial issue. We talked a little bit before going for an impromptu late night karaoke after supper. She was kind enough to offer me a sofa for the night. It was a rather curious meeting because I always know her to be a very closed person. There were times she wanted to talk about something but then decided against it. I didn’t push either. All in all, it was good to see her doing pretty well away from medicine.

That’s all for now. Shall continue another day 🙂 Arrivederci.