My “New” Companion

Just got myself a “new” companion – a Palm PDA. Well,it is not really new, I got it off ebay,so yeah,it is a second hand Tungsten T3. Been bugging YP with all sorts of questions about it,well she used to own the same model. Thanks a lot YP for your patience if you are reading this.

It’s been 4 days of “hotsyncing”,frustations,googling and learning how to scribble all sorta characters on the tiny transflective screen.Just managed to link my laptop, handphone and T3 via bluetooth the other day.(Refer to previous post) There seems to be a lot of things this tiny rectangular gadget can do.

Probably,like the rest of the medical students, I have installed some medical softwares into it and will see how it will assist me or my rather forgetful brain.Seems like 128 MB is not really enough. Looking at upgrading it to 512 mb or probably 1GB SD card.

Will see how this little electronic companion complement my brain…….hopefully not the other way round…