Klipsch S5i


Had a followup appointment with my surgeon who was pretty happy with my progress post   surgery.

Now, I got 2 screws in my right knee.

On another note, I’ve signed up with a gym earlier this week. And I still can’t find my Sony MDR-EX38i earphones. I might have lost it while I was in hospital. Darn it, I only got it last year 🙁

So I went shopping for a new 7 inches tablet and a new mouse to replace my trusty Logitech MX310, which the left click button is not working anymore. Thought I got quite a bit of mileage out of that mouse. If I remember correctly, it was bought in in 2008.

Tossing between iPad mini and Nexus 7. iPad mini’s stock remained scarce, while the Nexus 7 looked like a pretty good price point and features too. However, looking at things at the whole, it would be an iPad mini for me, reason being, I have more than 300 bucks worth of iOS apps in my current iPad 2, the cost largely skewed due to the presence of a single app that cost me about 200 bucks – Harrison’s Principle of Internal Medicine iOS edition.

Since iPad mini was out of stock and I couldn’t find a mouse I wanted, I somehow walked out of the store with a new earphones. Introducing my new gym buddy – Klipsch S5i Rugged edition at 30% off!