A bit too late…but ..it’s 2013!

I probably will look back at year 2012 as one of the “blacker” year

1. I sat and failed my RACP exam.

2. I tried and failed in my pursuit of this lovely girl.

3. I tried and failed to become the player my basketball team that can count on.

4. My ACL failed me with a complete tear. Had to have a surgery to fix it so I can carry out daily activities without pain and even more hopefully get back into the basketball I love.

That said, 2012 had become more of a year of action. I wanted something, I chased after it, not worrying about failures. I used to be a “waiter”, a “thinker.” In a way, I think I have grown much at a personal level. On the matter of relationship, I believe I have learnt much about it as well, from it and from her, despite things not going the way I wanted.

As for 2013, my things to do list include:

1. Pass my physician exam, and then get into an advanced training next year.

2. Exercise more. Shall continue with gymming and perhaps really get into a better shape before going back to basketball. A friend, CK had been really an inspiration! There is also still physio exercises that need to be done.

3. Forget and learn from the past experiences w.r.t relationships. As sad as I was, I am very thankful to Mich, she probably been the clearer head in this. Blunt and clear. It’s for the best. I do wish her the best as well. Perhaps I will meet someone this year that I like that will really appreciate me in return as well.

4. Dust off my remote helicopter and learn how to hover well.

5. Get back into water. Been thinking of doing some swimming. Used to swim every week, and I do miss the water.

6. Refresh my scuba diving.

7. Travelling in May. Thinking of Japan, Korea, Sabah/Sarawak and/or America.

8. Explore more of Australia. Met a professional photographer who made me realise how beautiful this country is….Shall expand my photography horizon as well. The 17-55mm will come in handy.

9. Pimp my PC with a new graphic card.

10. Pimp my ride with sports rim and new set of tires. Not getting a new car….Resist…resist…

Adios, people.