Stranger once again

Dory and I had not spoken to each other for almost 2 weeks now. I had not seen her for more than 2 months now. She stopped texting me a couple of days ago. Last night, she removed me from her Facebook account. Needless to say, I have been very down and sad.

I had anticipated this happening since a while ago. But going through it has not been easy. She had been my closest confidante and friend. She had been such a great person to me. She had been more than a friend to me. I miss her and i will miss her for times to come.

Right now, I am on a bus heading to the airport alone for another locum stint in another town in another state. So much uncertainties yet all i can think of was the great times i had with Dory.

I miss her. I will miss her. I miss us. But today, i am not planning to cry. It wouldn’t change anything.

We are strangers once again.

I am so sad that we have come to this. Not sure how long this heaviness in my chest is going to last….