It’s been nearing 6 years since I have left university. Here I am at one of the local cafe/bar in Gero, invited by one of those ever-innocent and carefree medical students, as she would be singing/performing live in the bar.

Seeing them working and hanging out together, made me look back upon my university, my college and my high school life. Friends whom I had sweated, bled and laughed a lot with. I was considered an academic overachiever, yet I valued my friends a lot. I often made time. I often made effort to be the best person I could be, the best friend one could have. Yet looking back, perhaps, I must have made a major mistake somewhere. Because here I am, thousands of miles from some of the closest people in my life, just like an island.

Perhaps I didn’t do enough. Perhaps I didn’t make enough time or effort. Perhaps this is how things are always going to be, no matter how hard I try to. Regardless, as I learned, friends come and go in and out of our life. Those who were lucky enough would have a love or started a family in their life, that would lend a degree of permanence. The even luckier ones would have a successful career as well.

Regardless, I think I would just enjoy sipping my coffee and listening to a very good live performance by these ever innocent and possibly smarter (one day) medical students.