Student Examination Prayer

Someone sent this to me, thought it’s a good poem/prayer

Lord, grant to me a quiet heart,
Before examination start,
Teach me to use my leisure hours,
To re-invigorate my powers,
My mind from daydreams liberate,
Give me the will to concentrate,
From all distractions set me free,
That in my studies I may be
A student with the sole intent,
To make my work my sacrament.

From my faint heart in love expel,
All failure fears that therein dwell.
And from my pillow drive away,
All dark foreboding of that day.
Help me in faith to rest so deep,
That I may have untroubled sleep.
While notes and summaries I prepare,
May I not lose my zest for prayer.
And may I not forget to look
for daily guidance in Thy book.

In quietness, confidence and peace,
May I find sure swift release
From needless fears and apprehension
From outward strain and inner tension
And my I ever grateful be
To all who offer prayer for me.
While for myself I intercede,
For other students I would plead.
So may examinations find
Each one alert in heart and mind.

Thus inward joy and peace processing
May exams  prove a source of blessing.