1100 mAh, Should I or Should I not?

The 900mAh T3 replacement battery which I bought more than six months ago seem to be unable to churn out enough juice lately. I came across and installed a freeware named BatteryGraph roughly 3 months ago when I noticed the operating duration of my Palm T3 seem to have deteriorated. For I do not have any prior data to compare to, I wondered whether it is just me or the battery had lost part of its juice. Current operating duration according to BatteryGraph is around 3 hours max with normal use :playing games, medical softwares,no music or movie though.

I wonder whether this is normal for the battery I had.Can anyone with experience with T3 help me out?

Currently considering to buy another battery , a Cameron Sino 1100 mAh. Hmm….would set me back RM120.

4 Replies to “1100 mAh, Should I or Should I not?”

  1. 3 hours battery life for a T3 is not too bad actually. Try keeping the bluetooth off, brightness to minimum. For good battery life nothing beats a T5 which has a 1300mAh battery. Mine is 2 years old, and I get about 5 hours of usage per charge (mainly games and ebook readling) Playing movies/music would definitely drain the batter faster. I guess a larger capacity battery would help but is it worth the effort?

  2. 3 hours is with minimum screen brightness,bluetooth off, no audio or video running and just plain TextTwist game. I was told it was pretty bad already considering the battery is only 6 months old.

    Hmm…..well,I have got about dismantling my T3 a few times already,replacing a battery won’t require too much of an effort,but the money is the problem;)