Nasioncom had decided to change the modem or perhaps the system. I was provided with Aztech DSL600EU (ADSL2 modem-router) to replace the previous Gigalink modem. I have been using a D-link 704P with the Gigalink modem to share the connection among 3 PCs. No problem last time.

Now,for some reasons unknown to me, the internet connection keeps dropping after roughly an hour. Everytime,I have to reset the modem. As the modem is not a pure modem, it is a modem-router. I have tried a few configuration since I got the modem

First is the default configuration where the Nasioncom people set the PPP connection at the modem itself and provide a static address for the router. Problems? MSN unable to connect, internet connection still drops out.

Second is using the Aztech DSL600EU on a bridge mode.PPP connection was set at the Dlink router. To get my MSN to connect, I disabled the DHCP in the Dlink router and enabled DHCP in the Aztech DSL600EU. MSN messenger can connect but internet connection still drop after roughly an hour.

Finally and current setting, set the PPP connection at the Aztech modem and enabled its DHCP. Use the router with DHCP disabled as switch by connecting the modem into one of its LAN ports.MSN can connect but connection still drops.

Conclusion?Nasioncom is the problem.