Dear Mum….

I have always thought and still think you are the greatest woman in the world.

When I was 4, I remembered crying every time you left for work in your colleague’s car. I always thought you will leave and never come back again. Granma would restrain me almost everyday while you locked the door and left for work,bidding goodbye. After that, I would go back to sleep with swollen and teary eyes. I don’t really know why I acted like that then,despite knowing that you’d be back in the late evening. It was about the earliest routine I can remember. This went on till I entered kindergarten where I found new things and friends to play with.

I was afraid that you will leave me one day.

When I was 5, I entered kindergarten. It was where all my formal education started. In the early days, due to my “routine” I normally reached the kindergarten with red and swollen eyes. However, you’d then outsmart me. Everytime I went to change into my uniform, you took the opportunity to leave the house, and for some reason, I didn’t cry as much when you did that. Probably it was the image of you turning and walking away from me that set me off crying then.

When I was 6, you stayed up late at night going through my kindergarten textbooks and preparing a stack of “test papers” which I’d do in the afternoon in preparation for the coming assessments. You worked 6 days a week then and yet you didn’t take a single sick leaves to help me out. Computers were still in its infancy then, thus all the papers were hand-written and prepared manually. I can’t exactly remember the amount you have prepared,but I would say it easily breached the hundred mark. Unsurprisingly, I breezed through the assessments.

You taught me dedication and hard work bring success.

When I was 7, I entered primary school. You continued to prepare my “test papers” for my exams in my first few years, but lesser and lesser, as my subjects got tougher and tougher. Besides, you got 2 younger sons then to attend to. Nevertheless, you stayed up and right beside me when I was preparing for my UPSR.

You have taught me discipline.

When I was 13, I entered secondary school. By then, the things I have learnt would’ve been out of your reach. Yet you continued to fuel my academic achievements by making sure I didn’t go hungry late at night and just being there for me while I studied. You made sure I didn’t sleep on the study table through the nights,rousing me to go sleep on the bed whenever I fallen asleep. During those years as well, you drove me to school on early mornings of Saturday for my ECA and numerous basketball sessions.

It wasn’t too long ago that I went through college and got into university. Like all mothers, you wanted the best for me,lobbying with Dad to get the branded shirts and pants for me. Hehe…..though you rarely shop for yourself, you sure love to shop for others. When I was about to leave for overseas, you made me bedsheets,so that I would be filled with your warmth when I sleep at nights. It was my first time on the flight then that I realised, all these 20+ years, neither you or Dad have ever been on a flight,what more a holiday overseas which I feel , both of you deserved very much.

Looking back all these years,Mum,I think you are the greatest mother in the whole wide world.

Happy mother’s day!

*This post was to be up on Sunday, but the server I am on was hacked and my blog was defaced*