Theme Change

Welcome to my boulevard of broken dreams,
A place to channel one’s angers and let go steams,
To stem troubles flowing endlessly like a river stream,
Living troubled days patched up with countless seams.

I suddenly thought of switching my blog theme for a change.

The theme is adopted from street life 1.0 by Fred

The photo header used is photoshopped from “Broken Dreams” by Brandon Bradley

I am currently hunting for a new theme to base my blog on.

This might just be a temporary change,although I sorta like this idea.

Will see after exam. For now, any idea is welcome.

*note to self* Next update DEFINITELY will be after exam.

2 Replies to “Theme Change”

  1. Hey, I like the new layout… very nice…the theme is ummmm… a bit morbid ler… maybe u should change it to something happier…happy studying.. jia you!!

  2. Hello,monkey.Hehe…you were here. Don’t worry,I am much better now after some long thoughts;) Thanks.

    The problem is black normally looks sleek and cool,but tend to convey negativity. You like it arr? If I got free time,I make one for you next time la….after exam,of coz.

    I will change it to something white next time la….Just let it stay here for the moment.

    And one last thing,you got the number of cranial nerves correct?Whoah….I mean whoah….

    Hahahahah…..I should stop being an a**:p