I have been trying to re-encode the video stream of cheerleading I have made a while back. It seemed to crash my Firefox everytime I tried to open that specific post.I can’t even use the WP admin to change the code as the preview of the post in WP admin crashes it as well.

Thus, I reluctantly got my Internet Explorer up and try to modify the code using the WP admin. After much research and reading into these geeky stuff. I have found out apparently, IE and firefox format HTML differently. IE uses the <object> tag while Firefox uses the <embed> tag. Thus, whatever the code causing my Firefox to crash, is not “seen” by the IE. That’s why I was able to assess and modify that post using IE. I finally found a way to code the video stream for IE, thus it worked fine for IE.

But, I still wanted it to work for my Firefox. After much trials and errors, I have finally got it to work in my Firefox. In the process, I have to reinstall my Realplayer plugin. I am currently using Real Alternative 1.60. I reworked the <embed> tag and vthe working code seemed to be same as before. Thus, the problem must have lied on the Realplayer plugin and my Firefox 2.0 in the first place.


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