Good o’ mates…

I took the night off studying to arrange a meet up with 2 of my old mates – let’s call them Cow V2.0 and JC. Hehe…. A medical student, a pharmacist student and a business student all formerly from a small town to the north of Singapore. Pretty good I must say, a lot better than expected. We chatted for like 4 hours plus on everything under the sun probably excepting things that never see the sun. Hmm….that sounds about right.

Cow V.20… that sounds pretty geeky but oh well, she’s like an exact clone of the personality of a friend, a lawyer by now, whom I know in KL. Haha. I don’t think she came by this blog anyway. It’s been 3 years or so now since I last seen her back in the college years. Much have changed and happened over the last few years. I thought it would be rather awkward but we ended up talking almost non-stop for the rest of the night about our friends, our friends’friends, our friends’ friends’ friends etc….. who ended up where, doing what,who died, who lived, who married etc.  Cow V2.0 revealed that she had whipped my uni pretty badly in the last Salsa competition. I retorted it was because I wasn’t there. Fuhlamak….hahaha….such confidence….

It was a pretty good and relaxing night,priming me up for the work ahead. Then, not long after I got back,sipping my hot tea, a phone call from another friend came in “Why so stressed?” It was perhaps a safe assumption with my nearing exam, but it was pretty well off mark. I was too lazy and tired to make small talk so I just cut her off.

I guess there are friends who are good at reading your mind, and there are friends who can get it plain wrong.  There are friends whom you can spend hours talking after not seeing them for so long, and there are friends whom you don’t really have anything to talk even though you meet every so often. Gotta love all of them, really.