Last day in Myrtleford

Time flies. Time really flies. Especially when you wish things could just slow down a little for you to savour the moments more.

Myrtleford, great times here. Lovely hosts. Lovely couple. This is the last night I am going to be here, in this house full of love and warmth. Leaving for Dookie tomorrow. I must say, as always, life never fail to surprise you. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting too much from this rotation. But after 2 and a half week here, it came out well, too damn well, I must say. Till you think you’ll miss them a lot when you’re gone, and you know they’ll miss you a lot too.

I didn’t get much medical things here in this rural town, but I did get a lot of other things. I didn’t manage to scrub in for surgeries, but I did manage to scrub off all the delicious home-cooked food off the plate. I didn’t manage to take much blood, but I did manage to take home a lot of lessons of life. I think this is probably the best time I have had in Melbourne. Rarely I have come across such sincere and true people. What fascinates me further is that they have been like this all the while throughout their life. This is a lady who just treat any stranger so nicely. Roof for them, food for them and sometimes even clothe them.

Pretty sad to leave them really. Especially when the old man starts to call you “son.” And the lady said she would miss the laughter and the silly things you’ve done.

Ah good times. Lovely Australian family. Shall write bout the details another time. Heading to Dookie tomorrow.