Mid-2010 check

I have plenty of things to pen down here. 2010 has been pretty good thus far.


I have nothing but good things to say about my current employer. Friendly, supportive and most importantly, sincere. You know you have a good employer when you actually feel bad to claim more overtime pay, rather than feel angry for working extra and not allowed to claim overtime. As if taking a leaf out of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, a soldier would fight harder for a benevolent and caring general. Little things like, remembering you and then thanking you for taking up an extra shift, despite the rather generous renumeration offered really makes one feel attached to the organisation.


Just came off a holiday in Paris and Edinburgh with my little brother and parents. Can’t remember the last time we travel together as a family. It was pretty unfortunate, although convenient for the youngest of my brother not able to join up with us due to college commitments. Paris, well, was a little tad disappointing. However, I think we clocked enough miles on our feet to say that we’ve achieved our new year resolution to exercise. I estimate we walked probably at least 50km in the 5 days in Paris.

Travelling allows one to know more bout ourselves and others. I think I am one who pays a lot of attention to details to the travel arrangements and prefer R&R more than exploring.On the other hand, my little brother is an excellent navigator, loves exploring than sitting still, and not so anal about little details like me. Dad is still a proud man, who refuse to believe that he isn’t as young and fit as before, much to our amusements. Mum was like a kid all over again on the plane, never stop harrassing the rest of us who are trying to get some sleep. I think she played more games than me on the plane.

But, both Dad and Mum are still pretty much the same, displaying traits of thrifty spending even on travel, despite my multiple reassurances not to worry about the expenses, I would handle that. Just relax and enjoy. That is probably the first and the last time they would be in those countries, anyway. It’s definitely not easy to have someone to share the same vision for the kids as you, and the decades of perserverance and determination to see through it that they made it out in life successfully.

My little brother has graduated as a doctor, 2nd one in the family. Don’t think my parents can be any prouder. Wish him luck in the working world. It’s going to be a bit different but I think he will survive.


“You are very lucky.”

I have heard that said many times. Till now, I don’t really know what to make of it when people say that. I did tell my Dad before that I thought my lucky stars are pretty bright. After such a long time, I finally made it as a decent professional from a university I dreamt of way back while I was in secondary schools. However, to say luck is the main thing that got me here, is an insult. It is an insult to the determination and perseverance of my family and the bloods and sweats I put in.

Of course, it is easier to think that the other person is lucky than to at least put in some effort to get to where he’s at. If he or she gets the the better draw ahead of you, when both of you are in the same level and circumstances, then perhaps only you can say you are unlucky. However, everyone’s experience is so unique that it would never be the same.

“No use working hard, I won’t get there anyway. I am not as lucky as him.”  A rather defeatist attitude. I’ve seen what determination can do, a strong will can heal the sickest patients, a weak will can kill the healthiest of them. And a  will is weak only if you decide to.

Am I very lucky?

Perhaps, I am lucky to made it so far in life, but I do not think I am a very lucky person. I tried and failed 3 times for the ASEAN scholarship. I missed out on a government scholarship with a B in one of my strongest subjects.  I always lose in gambling, that’s why I don’t gamble. My guessed answers in exam are often wrong, like probably 9 out of 10. That’s why I have to study hard because I can almost never guess it right. I’ve never won a lucky draw before. But hey, all is fair in this world.

Argh…just random giberrish from the brain.


I am in love, but things are not looking too optimistic. Sigh~~~


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  1. haha, nvm, probably i will get a chance to visit it some day in the future 🙂
    as always, we miss your laughters back at home. especially me 😛