Happy Valentine’s Day

14th February. Valentine’s Day.

It was exactly one year ago, I gifted a stalk of rose to you.

I was hoping for many good and happy things to come. But it didn’t exactly conlude the way I like it to be. We did share some good times and some memorably bad times of me.

On the eve of Valentine’s this year, I got a gift back from you. Though it wasn’t exactly the gift I hoped for, but it was a very nice gesture for you to have a sincere heart to heart talk to close this chapter of my life.

Thank you very much, Michelle 🙂


A year ago, to you I gifted,
A stalk of rose with leaves unwilted,
Signed,my name, my feelings embedded,
In a long white box, sincerely presented.

Months had passed, the flower might’ve wilted,
But not my will as my cold heart melted,
Swept by warmth , my winter ended,
Warmed by love, my darkness lifted.

In months to come, we shared many a laughter,
Through wines and dines, secrets we bartered,
Doubts I do have but I did not falter,
In pursuit of a happiness to last the ever after.

Hard I tried, a sea I sundered,
To move your heart but it only quivered,
Sad I was, my heart all but rended,
The winter came, alone I shivered.

Twice you rejected but the third is the key,
A glass I see half full is now all empty,
A sweet dream I hoped but it wasn’t meant to be,
A dream to be shared between you and me.