Another round of Gen Med

I almost made a major major mistake today.

A fever and a rash and a headache. How can I, as a medical registrar, say it’s not meningitis without having a lumbar puncture?

Didn’t really matter if she’s been febrile at the subacute site for the last 48 hours.

The abnormal liver function test was a red herring, well, almost.

Saved by the LP that was clear. Otherwise, it would be a contact tracing for possibly hundreds of people.

Another lesson learnt.

Just when you thought you are doing well, particularly, as an experienced (i.e. failed RACP exam) medical registrar.

Shall keep that in another locker in my brain.

“Gen Med is very simple. There are always three issues with each patients. One, the reason they come in. Two, the reason they still have to be an inpatient. Three, the reason preventing them from their discharge destination”