Principles of Rehabilitation

I met one of my favourite consultant on the ward today, let’s call him Ben, on my ward round this morning. He works in the rehabilitation medicine despite qualifying as a physician.

I have much respect for him. Actually a lot of respect for him. Partly because while I was his registrar, he actually did a PR exam on the patient while my resident was writing notes and the NUM was cleaning up the mass. And me? I just stood there, whistling.

It was quite funny alright.

Well, my hunch was right about the pathoneurology then – a spinal cord compression, which Ben and a bunch of brain doctors missed. He probably felt bad for overlooking such an important and simple diagnosis. Hehe…. definitely keeping this in my pocket for a long time.

“To achieve rehabilitation objectives, patient must have what I call the 3R’s – Relearn, Retain and Repeat. Thus the ability to absorb new information, retain them and put them into practice regularly.”