Organ donation

Reading on transplant medicine brought me to the topic of organ donation, after death of course. And again, defining death would be a big topic on its own.

Australia’s organ donation registration is smooth and hassle free. It does give you the impression of doing something good and they seem to support your decision, regardless of what it is.

As for Malaysia, I closed the browser when I was confronted with this choice. Race : Malay ; Chinese ; Indian : Others.

Medicine should have no discrimination, even more so after death. I wouldn’t want my organ to go to someone just because of or despite his/her race,


One Reply to “Organ donation”

  1. As discussed, I do not believe there is a political factor in asking for race.

    Even if there is, I don’t feel it is right to deny someone a chance of life because you have a political point to make.

    I’ve been on the organ donor list since I was 21.