Welcome to my blog,girls(understandably) and guys of course.
This is a blog where I talk crap and bullshit,not much different from the real me.I am a medical student currently pursuing my medical degree overseas.That asides,I have deep interests in computer stuff,photography and sports.This is also where I while my times away when I am not saving people…..wait a minute,I haven’t graduated yet.
I describe myself as an optimist.I laugh for no reasons sometimes.

Other times,I laugh at something funny.I understand realities can be harsh at times,but since neither thinking positive or negatively would change the ultimate outcome,why not look on the bright side,at least you will feel better and can always look to tomorrow.

I am a PADI-certified Open Water Diver. Hope to get my PADI Advanced Diver in the near future. Would love to bring my interest in photography underwater. Anyone care to sponsor a dSLR with an underwater casing?

I am a fan of NBA,football and Formula 1.A Red Devils.Love CoffeeBean Original Ice Blended.Can only be bribed by those.


You look like one who always study and score high in exam?

“I don’t score high in exams,in fact barely,passed them.That’s why I always study.Besides,aren’t medical students supposed to be very studious?You don’t fail exams next time,you will kill people.The way I am passing my exam is not very reassuring huh?”
Do you have a stead?

“Girls,please email me your CV(and vitals too).’Nuff said.Hehehe…”

What are your priorities in life?

“Family,studies,girlfriend,friends.Wait a minute…Family,studies then friends.”

Do you drink?

“No,I don’t drink habitually.I got drunk once though and that’s about it.”

Have you ever felt sad before?

“Hmm…..very very rarely really.”

What’s between you and your friend Acid?

“He’s going to be my in-law.Hehehe…”

Don’t you have anything nice to say to other people,especially your friends?

<"Hmm...I thought I said nice things to them.No?" What sorta people you hate most?

“Hypocrites.Let them be damned!Second,people who don’t keep their promises,written or unwritten.”

Do you have anything to say to the readers?

“IF you are reading these,you must be darn bored.”

3 Replies to “About”

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  2. LOL.Welcome, two very bored readers. I almost forgotten about this page considering it has no reply for the last 3 years or so šŸ™‚