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For all aspiring Amoebas medical students who look or feel like idiots in front of all those racist sheets of transparencies(Two colours,black and white,how racist can they get?),

This site is a good shit to learn the basics and probably some more advanced stuff about radiology.I haven’t gone through the whole site yet.For those who have,yell out here.The comments button are not for deco.

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Symbolism in Medicine

There was a project at I used to partake in whereby any medical students were invited to contribute something to write there. Sadly,it’s now defunct due to lack of support,unsurprisingly, considering the fact medical students have much to learn about medicine, getting to know hot nursing trainees while trying not to waste their youth away just on books and books. Very busy one, at peak period probably ala pre-exam period, we probably try to pen down the 10 side effects of Captopril on the toilet paper while we are doing our business. Ok, I was exaggerating a little bit but you get the point.

Before,it was closed, I managed to backup the few light-hearted banters I have written there under a new category “Med Talk”. Thus,I guess I shall post them here. Haiyah..Okokok…I too lazy to write an update here. Happy now?


I was popped a question a few years ago by a friend of mine who studied law. Why is the symbol of medicine is represented by a snake and a rod?
Staff of AsklepiosWHO

Remembering that question,with a bit of spare time in hand,I did some googling and found some interesting facts on it at our neighbourhood friendly Wiki. This rod is called the Rod/Staff of Asklepios. Who is this Asklepios guy?Well, this guy was probably the first doctor in this world,if going by the Greek mythology. He was a brilliant surgeon and healer, able to resurrect the dead without using the defib and etc.He was said to be so good that I think he probably would not have to go through the careful scrubbing that modern surgeons before going into theatre.He seem to have quite a number of conflicts within his family.You can read it here.In the end,he was struck by a lightning and died,probably due to fact that he was staying too high up in the sky.

However,I couldn’t find much information on why a snake and a rod was chosen as a symbol.Maybe that was how his weapon/equipment look like.If I am to speculate here,well,the snake was probably chosen as a symbol of poison,just like modern drugs,if taken beyond recommended dose,they act like a poison,doing more harm than good.There is probably no drug in this world that is without any side effect.

Interestingly,you guys would probably have seen this picture before,


A symbol of modern medicine perhaps?

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