WordPress 2.8.6

Used the last 2 hours or so to upgrade my WP to 2.8.6.

Looks like my previous template worked fine without any serious issues. The imeem player on the sidebar seemed to have been replaced by an ad. Hmm…..

Will design a new template and tweak it in times to come.


White Christmas!!

Snowstorm script. Variable directions and sizes of snows. Pretty cool. It accumulates at the bottom of the screen too!

Tried out javascript by http://www.schillmania.com. For more information, have a look at http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/

Took a little bit of time to get it working as I can’t find any WP ready to use plugin for this script. Seems to be working rather well. Sorry if it slows down your PC. Shall keep this for next time.

Merry Christmas,everyone.