I have been trying to re-encode the video stream of cheerleading I have made a while back. It seemed to crash my Firefox everytime I tried to open that specific post.I can’t even use the WP admin to change the code as the preview of the post in WP admin crashes it as well.

Thus, I reluctantly got my Internet Explorer up and try to modify the code using the WP admin. After much research and reading into these geeky stuff. I have found out apparently, IE and firefox format HTML differently. IE uses the <object> tag while Firefox uses the <embed> tag. Thus, whatever the code causing my Firefox to crash, is not “seen” by the IE. That’s why I was able to assess and modify that post using IE. I finally found a way to code the video stream for IE, thus it worked fine for IE.

But, I still wanted it to work for my Firefox. After much trials and errors, I have finally got it to work in my Firefox. In the process, I have to reinstall my Realplayer plugin. I am currently using Real Alternative 1.60. I reworked the <embed> tag and vthe working code seemed to be same as before. Thus, the problem must have lied on the Realplayer plugin and my Firefox 2.0 in the first place.


Theme Change

Welcome to my boulevard of broken dreams,
A place to channel one’s angers and let go steams,
To stem troubles flowing endlessly like a river stream,
Living troubled days patched up with countless seams.

I suddenly thought of switching my blog theme for a change.

The theme is adopted from street life 1.0 by Fred

The photo header used is photoshopped from “Broken Dreams” by Brandon Bradley

I am currently hunting for a new theme to base my blog on.

This might just be a temporary change,although I sorta like this idea.

Will see after exam. For now, any idea is welcome.

*note to self* Next update DEFINITELY will be after exam.